Friday, December 30, 2011

Proud Big Sister Moment

Since dance is on a holiday hiatus... I can't update that aspect of my life. However, I can share a proud big sister moment with you! My brother, whom I've mentioned before, has had some huge things happen in the last month. HUGE. For example, he's been working his butt off in school for the past year+, all that hard work paid off when he was offered a job even before he graduated! Hooray!! Sadly... it will take him all the way to Texas... but I suppose that won't deter me (much) from visiting him. The second HUGE news... is really the biggest of all. Baby brother graduated!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BUD!!!! With Top Honors, nonetheless. 4.0 for my kid bro. Nice.
Andy's small group (AET guys)
Mom and Bro
Getting his diploma!

Top Honors!!

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