Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiatus - the move

so... I have taken a bit of a hiatus on blogging. And as beautiful Miss Stacey exclaimed to me today... she hasn't had anything to stalk! So... a couple posts to play catch up.

First and foremost... I moved. Phew! It was tough... going from a 15 minute walking commute to an hour on the train commute. The things you do for love... eh?

Things have pretty much gotten unpacked. Pretty much. There is still a lot to do... like hang up "our" artwork.  And find places for all the extra stuff we have between the two of us.

The biggest issue Jay and I have had is combining the cats.  Over the past year, Jay has been the caretaker for Heather's kitties, Dodger and Oliver.
Oliver and Dodger
Before Heather left on her trip around the world, her 2 cats and my 2 cats lived together. One big kitty family. My cats, Gus and Willow and Dodger and Oliver had a balance... a pecking order.  Gus was the king of the castle, followed by Oliver and Dodger. And Willow was just the little princess of the group.  Once separated, Gus still reigned as king of the castle and Willow was still the princess.
Willow, the little princess

Gus, the King.
Initially, the re-introduction of the 4 cats went...poorly. Lots of hissing, screeching, growling...not good. Over the last couple weeks...its gotten better. There are still some issues between the cats, but luckily its getting better.

Thankfully.... only one more week of all four cats together. Then Heather will be back. And Dodger and Oliver will be moving to their new home. 

And Jay and I can get back to making our home... Ours. :)

The first thing that Jay and I did...was paint. The extra bedroom was painted a greenish-bluish hue.  As Claire put it, it was reminiscent of a hospital room.
the green...with the new white paint starting to cover it up
With help from my mom...and my tall boyfriend, we painted the room a fresh white. It opened up the room and made it look clean and big and airy. Which is good... because that spare bedroom is now the guest bedroom! Hooray! Guests can stay and not have to sleep on an air mattress or on the couch!

We have work to do to make the place "ours" instead of Jay's...but we're getting there!

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