Monday, June 20, 2011

Just some stuff

I still continue to pine after dance... and am looking forward to when I am back at the studio practicing. I have been trying to stay busy... and not bored.
So... Friday night Jay and I headed out for a date night! Dinner out followed by a show at the improv theater downtown. Coloradoans... check it out if you've never been: Impulse Theater. Its like "Whose Line is it Anyway?", but live. So you (the audience) get to suggest things to the actors. Jay and I somehow managed to be seated up front and center. Because of this....we ended up making lots of suggestions. And laughing our butts off. By the time the show was over, both of us had sore faces from laughing so much and so hard.  A fantastic way to spend our Friday.

16th Street Mall at night
 Saturday was Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures... but we did all have breakfast at Jelly! Such yummy food, it was Mom and Andy's first time there, and they seemed to enjoy it. This was followed by a few hours at the Highlands Street Festival.  They had crafts, food, classic cars... and lots of great people watching!
Saturday night Jay and his friend had tickets to the Rapids v. Galaxy game. Luckily, I didn't have to stay at home since Claire and her friend Andrew picked up a ticket for me as well! Jay and I were on opposite sides of the stadium. But it was a fun game to watch... and I got to spend more time with the beautiful Claire, who is leaving me so soon!
Claire and I - being our totally normal selves.
Sunday was a lazy day. It was great. We got to sleep in, I called Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day... then Jay and I decided to be productive... and clean his place. And move furniture around. Yes, really. I helped move the furniture, boot and all. In between all the cleaning and moving, we watched re-run episodes of True Blood. New season starts on Sunday!!!

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