Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know, I know, I have been slacking in the updates. Its been busy... not that that is much of an excuse, but I can pretend, right? Right.... a recap of the weekend then. :)

Friday night was my annual "holiday" dinner for my department at work. Holiday? Yes, holiday. Its a small department so we try really, really hard to have everyone and their significant others attend. Even if it means waiting until March to hold the dinner. We all headed over to Breckenridge Brewery after work for drinks and dinner and fun conversation. It was great after a long day of packing. (Packing?) Yes, packing. Long story short, our main office is being renovated (has been for 6+ months) so we were temporarily relocated to another floor in the same building back in October. Now we've moved back to one of the regular floors, but its only temporary... But thats not important, what is important was how much fun it was to sit down with everyone and raise a beer.

Saturday was pretty typical. Sleep, eat, watch Labyrinth. Oh wait, thats not typical. But thats what we did. What a bizarre movie!! However...Saturday night we headed over to my alma mater for a hockey game. DU v. St. Cloud State! I haven't been to a game since my senior year... and it was awesome. Even if all the players looked like babies.
Two rows up from the ice
oh the action!
my honey and me
It was Jay's first ever DU Hockey game. I am glad we got to sit as close as we did and that it was a winner-winner chicken dinner for DU. It was funny to see during the "intro" they show a video of some of the great (recent) DU hockey alums. They were all our boys, Claire! Ryan Caldwell, Gabe Gauthier, Peter Mannino, Matt Carle, Paul Stastny....

Sunday was a sleeping in day. And... IT WAS FABULOUS! Jay and I headed to a movie in the afternoon, we saw:
It was good! Enjoyable for sure. Later that evening, we met up with Claire and her friend Adam for dinner. 5280 week!!! This time, we headed to some place a little more unique.  8 Rivers... which was Modern Caribbean. The food was interesting for sure, we had a little bit of something different. Conch fritters, plantain wontons, and jerk, jerk, jerk spices! Yum. Really though, the best part about Sunday night was not the food, it was the company. The four of us talked, laughed and joked for hours. It truly was a great night out for that reason alone.

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