Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry Holiday to You!

How was everyone's holiday? My favorite part... was the long weekend! Being able to sleep in and move at a snail's pace is always wonderful.
My holiday was really good, just really busy. Christmas Eve, Jay and I headed to his Dad's place for drinks and dessert. My contribution was the yummy chocolate shortbread peppermint cookies! We then scurried over to my mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Yes, dessert was before dinner. Who cares? Mom made lasagna... mmmm... yum!

Christmas Day, Jay and I headed back to my mom's for Brunch. This time my contribution was.... CINNAMON ROLLS!! With cream cheese frosting. YUM!

Post baking...pre icing!

homemade cream cheese frosting/icing
 Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the cinnamon rolls all gooey and iced. But let me tell you... they were tasty! From scratch, they were awesome... I will just give myself a little pat on the back. Jay's entire house smelled like cinnamon rolls. The cats loved it. :)
Christmas Day: my family

Jay and I
Christmas Day dinner was with Jay's mom. Afterward... you could have rolled us both out the door. So much food in such a short amount of time. Delicious... yet too much! I think I need to go running... like everyday this week.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. Jay and I headed to the movies on Sunday and saw "Black Swan".   The movie was frightfully intense, with some serious tension, sexual and otherwise. I was a bit surprised that Jay agreed to go, since it was a ballet based movie, but he seemed to enjoy the intensity and complexities as much as I did.
I love dancing, and can be very intense in my focus, but I am glad I do not reside in this main character's world... nor in the world of that elite level of dancing.

Now.... looking forward to another long weekend ahead. And a whole new year!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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