Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After much discussion, this morning, with my amazing friend Claire, I pose this question:
How do you deal with Conflict?
Do you ignore it, stick your head in the sand - ostrich style?

Do you face it head on, come out swinging - boxing gloves and all?

Or do you escape from it, by either removing yourself (physically) from the situation  by going for a drive, run, walk...etc, or by removing yourself (mentally) from the situation to focus on other people's problems and troubles?

Despite the fact that I deal with conflict everyday, in my professional life, being a Conflicts Specialist... I rarely have to deal with conflict in my personal life. I always like to think that I would tackle my personal problems the way I tackle professional ones... head on. But it appears I am more of an escape artist. I would rather deal with and solve other people's problems (both professionally and personally) than face my own. What does that say? Does it reflect poorly on me? Or does it just show that I am more comfortable with other people's issues, problems, conflicts and drama then I will ever be with my own?

I may never know why I choose to deal with Conflict the way I do, but I can now recognize that I need to start facing my issues rather than trying to fix everyone else's. Focus on me... what a novel idea. A smile for now, a thought for later.

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  1. I love this post! It's perfect. I think that no matter how you deal with conflict, the focus on yourself is the most important.