Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of my favorite holidays

HALLOWEEN! I love, love, love Halloween. I really do. Its one of my most favorite holidays, really only superceded by St. Patrick's Day, but thats a whole 'nother story.  I love Halloween for the sheer fact of getting to dress up. It brings me back to my childhood, when I would spend Saturday afternoons playing dress-up with my friends. I love the idea of taking on a different role, becoming a different person, wearing someone else's clothes (figuratively) for a day/night. Sadly... Halloween is seen by many as a girl/woman's opportunity to dress like a slut. Ugh. Not a fan. For those of us who like to dress up, its a fine line between dressing like a slut and dressing like a grandma.
You get costumes like this, which cover a decent amount:

But then you also get costumes like this... and how is this appropriate?
4Pc. Cookie Girl Plus Size Costume
Wowza... well I am one to dress up, but lets not make a spectacle of ourselves! :) Seriously though, here is a glimpse at my past choices...
Last year's costume: Betty Boop!

The year before... a geisha!

I seriously could go on. But I think I walk the line pretty well. All things considered. I am interested to see what people come out as this year. I am personally excited about my costume... and I have some friends who have been prepping theirs for weeks as well.  I am looking forward to being a character for a night... Who are you going to be?

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